Personal services by MyMasseuse


Rate: (includes TRAVEL fee) 

60 Minutes $75 - 90 minutes $100

120 minutes $150


  • Deep Tissue

Our Deep Tissue services use a variety of specialized techniques including trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, and firm steady pressure, to slowly melt through the muscle fibers; and relax away stubborn knots causing aches, tension, and pain. 90-120 minutes is preferable to allow your therapist time to do a detailed job, and really focus on finding knots and relaxing them away.

  • Swedish

Weather you want to relax and destress, or you're just trying to maintain a healthy living and wellness lifestyle, our Swedish massage service will leave your body feeling rested, recharged, and ready to take on the coming week. 60-90 minutes is all you'll need to fully experience this rejuvenating service.

  • Reflexology

Every step we take puts pressure on our feet, nearly everything we do is done with our hands. Reflexology is a form of massage that utilizes pressure points in the hands and feet called "Reflex Zones" by massaging certain reflex zones, your therapist can address areas such as the neck, shoulders, lower back, sinuses, as well as internal organs such as the heart, brain, liver, and kidneys. It is NOT recommended for women who are pregnant to receive this service. This can be added onto your current session, or a full 60 minutes can be dedicated to just working the hands and feet. 

  • Prenatal Massage

Our Prenatal Massage session is ideal for expecting mothers within their second trimester or further. Our professional MyMasseuse therapist lay the expecting mother on her side, using pillows and bolsters to keep her body comfortably aligned. 60 minutes is recommended for prenatal services.

  • Sports Massage

Body maintenance is essential for anybody interested in healthy living, especially athletes. Sports massage is meant to boost recovery time between workouts, improve dynamic range of motion, and prevent injury to the muscles during events. Keep your body conditioned with a 60-90 minute Sports Massage 

  • Chair Massage

Chair massage is perfect for office visits and events. Book a personal 15-20 minute chair massage or schedule by the hour and share a MyMasseuse chair massage with friends, coworkers, and family at your event. 








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