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 Luxury Relaxation | On Location 




DEEP TISSUE | 60 -120 Mins

Feeling painfully sore? Dig Deep! MyMasseuse therapists use our specialized firm-deep pressure techniques to unlock the lower layers of your muscle fibers & target the root of those hard to shake aches & pains throughout the connective tissues.  Our Deep Tissue sessions alleviate chronic muscle pains and deep rooted tension....Can you say Woooosah! 

Swedish | 60 - 120 MINS

Light on pressure doesn’t mean a less effective massage. Swedish uses light-firm pressure with broad soothing strokes, helping muscles relax, and tension melt away from the mind and body.

Reflexology | 60 MINS

An ancient holistic healing technique that applies pressure to “reflex zones” on your feet, hands and outer ears, to affect your entire body.




  MyMasseuse is designed to connect you with your own personal massage therapist, and indulge in some much-needed relaxation, from the comfort of home or office. Our Master Masseues practice a holistic methodology that combines Nuro-Muscular-Therapy,  Esselan massage techniques, and trigger point therapy to create a unique flow, customized to address your body’s needs. Slowly working with the muscle fibers, releasing tension, breaking down knots, and expelling tension from the body; My Masseuse is dedicated to a higher standard in a quality massage experience and affordable luxury


Rest, Relax - Anywhere 

MyMassuese therapists come to you! Here are some pro-tips to prepare for your upcoming session: 

Spacial Requirements

  • Table Sessions: 7x5ft (84 in x 60in or 213cm x 152cm) Area 
  • Chair Sessions: 3'x3'ft (36in or 91cm)

Your Masseuse can assist in the light rearranging of home or office furniture. 

Session Prep

  • Please allow for 5-10mins prior to your session for set-up
  • We recommend a light shower prior to 60-120min table sessions.
  • Damp hair? No worries - (01) Clean Spa Towel will be provided for the session.

Our Chair Massage packages are recommended for Corporate & Studio Spaces



Meet Our Founder 

Meet the founder of MyMasseuse, Jean-Luke Figueroa, a veteran Masseuse with a deep passion for wellness.

Pursuing higher academia to elevate his anatomical knowledge of the muscular system, he attended the prestigious Body Therapy Center School of Massage, studying a variety of muscular theory & pressure healing techniques, attaining his Associates Degree in Applied Science, as well as logging over seven hundred hours of hands on training.

Wasting no time, Jean-Luke applied for his Missouri state license, then immediately began at a local luxury spa; where he honed his therapeutic touch for five consecutive years, logging over four thousand hands-on hours. Jean-Luke quickly became popular for his unique style and flow, becoming the top requested therapist at his location; often finding himself over-booked. Feeling as if there was a lack of individual attention to clients and focus on long-term healing in the spa industry, Jean-Luke began working on the launch of  MyMasseuse, in hopes of expanding affordable luxury relaxation further throughout the region. He and his roster of expert  therapist have become beloved additions to the schedules of local athletes, business leaders, veterans, medical professionals, fitness aficionados and busy parents on-the-go.

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At MyMasseuse, we believe each massage is personal, and are custom tailored to address the needs of our individual clients. Our therapist use their expertise of the muscular system to design a unique flow to target your bodies specific needs.

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